I spent the last few months of my life dipping into my own saving, and trying to work with a friend to create a scientific device via our own small engineering company around. Unfortunately, my pockets are not as deep as I had hoped, and the problem more complex that I planned for.

My first plan was to try contracting work for a while. However while digging around, I stumbled upon an opening for a Linux Embedded developer position that seemed pretty nifty. So, I applied for the position, and got the position. So after clearing my calendar of current obligations, I’m starting work at MEI shortly.

The job looks pretty keen, and from what I’ve meet of the engineering/software team, it’s a good crew of people to work with. The only non-trivial downside is the reverse commute (which is longer than I like for). So, it’s back to working-stiff hood for me! Writing Linux drivers and apps isn’t going to be very stiff-ly though.