I am sick to the gills of website, organizations, and forms requiring information they do not need, in any legit way, in order to register. The biggest ones that bother me are asking for my gender, my date of birth, and salary level.

First off is gender. If I’m joining a business networking website, or a community group, or getting a SEPTA pass, why in Darwin’s name do you require my gender information? If anything I would want a business website to remove or downplay gender information, and concentrate on skills, results, and abilities of it’s participants. If any website should be gender blind, it should be a skill centric ‘find a collaborator’ website.

Age? OK, I can buy age range to be a part of some services, to know customers, or general age groups. But my date of birth? Seriously? Give me one good reason to send a private company, or political party, my date of birth, just to get their junk email? I’m sorry organization X, but get your snoopy nose out of my life, and don’t require a D.O.B. just to sign up.

And salary? Really? I want to judge people by their abilities and goals, not how well they can milk the system for cash. I know a lot of great people, a lot of great coders, and a lot of fantastic friends that took jobs at nonprofits, or have put helping their community ahead of sucking cash into their own pockets. Also, you may not of noticed it, but a decent amount of rich people have that money from being shady, scum-baggy, or outright fraud. Is that really how you want to categorize your members/subscribers? If you care so much about cash to require that info, I already don’t want to be in your system.

I use to just ignore those fields when they were optional. But a lot of places are starting to require them. Then I started lying on those fields, and that’s gotten old. In fact, I’m signed up as ‘female’ on a lot of crappy social-networking sites…

But that’s not fun anymore, and I’m just sick of it. Now when I run into that info being required I don’t sign up. Instead I cut and paste an belligerent ‘get your nosy self out of my business, I’m not telling you that info, now get off my lawn you damn’d kids’ email to their contact.

In short, if you want me to support your cause, don’t be a nosy busybody and require private info you have no legitimate reason to have. If you respect your own privacy, I recommend doing the same.