I wrote this post about 6 times. A funny one. A science-y one. A funny sciency one. A sciency-funny one. A serious-funny one. Even a sciency-serious-snarky ones. But honestly, it was all for naught. all of those were lame attempts to match Steph’s fantastic announcement post. <- Read it and weep, for it is intelligent and full of lulz. Too lazy to click? SPOILERS BELOW:

Steph and I are having a kid! It’s due to arrive around Mid-August.

That's no moon! It's a battle station tiny human!

Steph has done 90% of the work so far. But within weeks, the two of us will have a mewling, needy breast-milk-powered learning machine. I’ll need to step up, take some time off of work, and start the long-investment game of getting another human up to speed on what this planet is all about.

By all accounts it will be awesome and terrifying. It’s wily use of attachment behavior will forever alter my brain and chemical balance, and drive me to love it madly, and defend it fiercely. Even despite some worries about my fitness to parent, I look forward to helping this little human get their life together, and get them setup to do and be something worthwhile in their own life. That is, if I don’t do something stupid and get killed and/or detained by our new Police State first.

Here’s to genetic mutation and selection! Here’s to being a mammal! Here’s to baby-not-yet-appearing-in-this-film Alarcon!

It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it.