Warning: I mostly don’t swear on this website, but this post is full of it. If you don’t like crude language, sorry.

OK. I’m sick of this dog-shit.  I’m sick to the gills of the last month+ of shit-headed weak-brained arm-chair theory and ‘It didn’t happen to me so it doesn’t exist’ Tech-Gender navel-gazing.

Tech community, hacker community, startup-community: you all get an F——–**20 in pulling your head out of your ass, and doing some thinking on this.

The crimes of science I level against you

  • The plural of anecdote is not data, you ass-faces
  • People study this shit you dumb dumb fucks
  • Grep Your Own Shit

The plural of anecdote is not data, you ass-faces

If you’re theory of ‘How Tech and Gender work’ is based on what you heard over beers at the last conference : U R DOOING RONG. If you’re theory about why women are, or are not, becoming engineers is based on one water-cooler discussion with that guy from Mech-E that *loves* anonymous.  MEEBE YOU THING 2X MOAR SHTFURBRAINS?

Do you choose your programming languages that way? Do you optimize your code that way? If you do, I hope you are still using c++ templates for your website because some diarrhea-breath asshat recommended at your last drinkup Because that is the shit-stupid way you are taking on this discussion.

I’m reading A-B testing SEO optimizing guru’s make conjectures of such data-free navel-gazing stupidity it would get them fired if that used that kind of thinking on the job. If you read it on reddit it’s probably an outliner. It’s probably NOT a good example data-point to decide your whole world-view on, you shit-for-brains re-tweeter.

People study this shit you dumb dumb fucks.

And guess what, you geniuses-in-your-own-navel! You didn’t invent this shit. You, dear 2013 (or later) reader, did not for-the-love-of-darwins-tub-ring INVENT THIS FUCKING TOPIC AFTER PYCON. This shit has been around for decades. BTW, that means ‘tens of years’ for those of you that clearly are so information searching challenged you can’t use google for 5 seconds to bother to find prior research.

People study this shit. They have for years. They are called ‘sociologists’. There are whole departments of them that would be lulzing if they could take a break from studying their shit to look under whatever rock you and your self-congratulatory echo-chamber is currently running PHP-BB on.


And like most science you need to read their fucking papers and look for flaws. Don’t just read the title. Read the content. Review it. If you need to make an argument, then Cite that shit. CITE IT. CITE IT, CITE IT, CITE IT Link to it. Tattoo it on your friends and enemies. PRINT IT ON YOUR SELF-RIGHTOUS HANDOUTS. Pull your head out of your Men’s Rights Ass and read some fucking papers. Close your Huff-po rant, and pull open the fucking calculator you jackasses.

Remember kids : Read the paper, look for errors/flaws. But do not bitch about their politics. I don’t care if every one of them is a queer transwoman or a cisgendered male, or if they more politically correct that Bill Clinton on Re-Relection day. What maters if if their fucking data adds up.. ARGUE THE DATA, NOT THE PERSON. It’s called ‘science’ you liver-damaged dorks.

We spent 40 fucking years (that is 4 of those DECADES I taught you about!) trying to teach people you can be smart and productive no matter what you look like, that t-shirts and jeans, and tattos don’t matter. What matters is results, reality, and data. Don’t throw insight away, just because you can’t bother to use your brain evolution gave you, you backwards-looking toilet-lickers.

Grep Your Own Shit

Oh, I hear you Mr/Ms. ‘I Lived in San Fran before it was cool.’ I hear you asking ‘how can I take time off of my Quantiifed Life to bother that?’ How about you quantify some of your own goddamn shit.

Again, if you bothers to think ‘hu? I wonder hows’ I behaives? ‘ and googled for 30 seconds, you can find and take some Fucking tests on your own fucking biases. Consider that you, my friend, might be just another fucked-up human meat-based heuristic intellegnece as screwed as

But above all: Write up your opinions and rebuttles and based on READING AND THINKING about proper FUCKING DATA-SETS and not hearsay-bullshit you heard over dinner.