Working at BuLogics, Inc. means that I work in a BYOD* environment. I see a lot of people in that kind of scenerio that can’t stop checking their personal info/email/docs at work, or who can’t close out or shut down work projects with it’s 9PM and time to watch some Netflix. To avoid that in my own life, I set up two users on my laptop. One user is for me personally, where I keep personal data, private info, and my life. The other is a work-user, where I keep work data, files, and info.

OSX, to a lot of it’s credit, works pretty well as a multi-user system. Permissions are well handled, and for the most part things work great. I have had a few problems with USB devices that I leave in the device as I switch users, and a few very weird edge-case situations. But mostly, Apple did their job, and OSX just works.

Some other projects/tools don’t work as well. Brew for example, has often been a real problem for me. It tends to get jammed up when trying to handle multiple users. This great blog post covers how to get brew to behave for mulit-users on OSX, and has saved me a lot of hassle.

*Bring Your Own Device