(I am going to again try to resurrect this blog for 2017. )
For a long time, I’ve struggled to keep an eye on how my life is going, to steer it just a little, but mostly to follow and remember where I have been, and what I have been doing.

There are still times when in conversation I mention ‘Then I started a housing Cooperative’ and I think *oh shit. I actually did that? I had forgotten I did that’ for me, a lot of resolutions and plans are as much about remember where I have been, as they are about mapping where I could go.

Objective and Key Results (OKR’s) is a habit I’ve used on and off at work. Less useful than sprints, more useful than serious planning, they have a decent balance of laying out some good solid goals to feel excited about, and picking a few small metric to follow it with. There are a few good posts on personal OKR’s out there.

If things go well, I may post OKR’s here to follow up on. Good luck to everyone in 2017.