I woke up this morning a bit bleary, and got ready to go to work. I got my things together and got into the car for my drive to work. Have you ever woken up, and something that was normal stands out? Woken-up to suddenly be aware, once again, of the surreality of the world around you? I had one of those mornings, and what was so surreal was the cars.

Blocks, and blocks of the city, lined, packed, jam-filled with automobiles. Bumper to bumper, spilling out into the empty street, crowding streets, blocking sidewalks, and just ridiculous. How can we need this many cars? Are we really so poorly organized we need a 1/2-ton hunk of mechanics and electronics in front of almost every house? Who are the fat cats sleeping in their 300 thread-count sheets in a beautiful mansion, who have sold us all on needing one of these things?

Now, I get it. Ironic, right. I’m driving to work, and being amazed at all the cars. But seriously, I live a block from a trolly-stop. I’ve use transit to commute 2 days a week, but drive a couple to balance out the (frankly) overly-long commute time.

When I do drive to work, I drive about 6 miles to work, and 5 of those miles of that are lined with cars. Bumper to bumper. Machine, after machine, after machine, after machine. A parade of empty husks, sitting there rusting, wearing out, and wasting space. There are just so so many of them. It’s amazing. ¬†How much money must be poured into buying them, maintaining them? Paving parking lots for them? Who is profiting from them? What a great case of a locally optimal, but globally dumb decision result.

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