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Top Secret Rosies at Comcast Center

TL;DR: version: If you are free after work on March 20th, get a ticket to watch Top Secret Rosies for free at the Comcast Center.

A while back my esteemed partner (with a bit of help from me) helped arrange some events to draw attention to Top Secret Rosies, a documentaty about the first female programmers of ENAIC These first programmers are nearly forgotten by history.

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Objectified_posterI went out to Objectify last night with Julia P. I saw in the audience a bunch of local makers entrepreneurs, and DIY folks, and it made me proud of Philly.

The film was almost exactly what I expected from a Gary Hustwit film. A bunch of good ideas, in chunks a bit bigger than bite sized. Like a good meal in small portions, it was just satisfying enough. And it leaves me wanting to find more. The two things that it really seemed to tie into (for me) were the Ford Jubilee Tractor, and the design of Python.

Ford Jubilee Tractor: For a while my away message was “I’d like to be a Ford Jubilee!” Jubilee Tractors were manufactured between 1952 – 1954, and the direct ancestor (the Hundred Series) was in production ’54 to ’57. A lot of those machines are still on farms and vinyards across the country, and are running. As Objectified says “They get worn in, instead of worn out.” I learned to drive on a Jubilee, and I learned to work on engine and electrical on a Jubilee. And I’d bet that same tractor is still out tooling around a field somewhere in Upstate NY.

The Design Python: Python is a mighty mighty language, and a lot of it’s power in my hands is in it’s speed of use at the interactive console. Want to know what tools you have? It’s just a “dir(X)” or “help(x)” away. “import flying”? Don’t mind if I do. Or even better just go to your python console and:
import webbrowser"")

That code just works, I kid you not.  Simple, exact, and completely clear.  That is awesome awesome user  interface design.

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