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A bit dusty around here

Ahem. cough cough Wow. It’s a bit dusty around here.

I was pretty amazed when I came by to check my own site, and discovered I’d not posted since this summer. With a toddler (herein referred to as Chestnut), a lot of work, and house problems, keeping a website up to date has been a non-priority. Almost a negative priority. For about a years, I’ve gotten my to-do list reminders ‘Update your website’ and ignored them. Which, in hindsight, it and was the right answer given priorities.

It’s a new year, and as per convention, I’m going to throw down some resolutions:

  • Underpromise and Overdeliver
  • Get in a weekly rhythm
  • Re-engage in community/social life
  • Fire-up some side projects
  • Dom soem self-maintaince/improvement

I have a more detailed list personally, but I’m not going to post all of the gory details here.

Happy 2014 everyone, and have a merry and wonderful 2015.


First Post! (of 2011)

So, it’s 2011 now, and this sad little neglected garden of though has gone untended, un-weeded, and unplanted for months. I have to admit I’ve been uninspired in the last few months of 2010. In 2010 a lot of things were drawing on my time and energy without being balanced out by much success or enjoyment of them. I realized around the end of October, that I really was not happy, and ended up spending the last weeks of the year clearing out the old, and making space for the new. So, it’s with a much cleaner plate that I enter 20111, and with some decent plans and idea.

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