Neat Receipts for Mac 1.0
As a member of the Scanning, Processing, and Imaging (SPI) group at Neat Co, I was in charge of porting existing P.C. technology for scanning, processing, and imaging documents and finding a similar or replacement solution on Mac platform. This involved a mix of developing and implement replacement libraries for C#, converting existing C/C++ to be cross-platform, and writing new drivers in Cocoa and Objective-C. This was my first 1.0 product, and it was an amazing experience to build a new product from the ground up.

Neat Works for Mac 2.0
Working on Neat Works for Mac 2.0 involved porting more and new Windows libraries to Mac. Much of this work was writing Python versions of existing C# code, and working on device drivers for Mac.

PRC-50 As a employee of Imaginant I worked on the PRC50 series of Ultrasonic Pulsers/Receivers. Work included API implementation, progamming PCI Communication, etc.